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aggregate data files

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First, the DSET entry has a substitution template instead of a filename. See below for a description of all the possible components of the template. Second, the OPTIONS entry contains the template keyword. Third, the TDEF entry describes the time range for the entire set of data files. Templating works on any grads data type for which you can write a descriptor file. If you specify any additional OPTIONS keywords in the data descriptor file, make sure the options apply equally to each file…

aggregate data files

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Using Templates

grads allows you use a single data descriptor file to aggregate multiple data files and handle them as if they were one individual file. The individual data files must be identical in the X, Y, and Z dimensions and have the same list of variables. The time range of each individual file must be indicated it its filename. Beginning with version 2.0, data files may also be aggregated in the ensemble dimension.  

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